Powerwash Oil Spill Response | 24/7 Emergency Spill Response in the greater Auckland and Hamilton Regions

Need an urgent clean up right away?

Look no further. At Powerwash, we pride ourselves on delivering New Zealand's premier Emergency Spill Response Service. Our Rapid Response Team is here to assist you promptly and efficiently, ensuring a rapid and reliable solution to any emergency spill situation, whether it involves hazardous materials or not.

Our trained staffs come equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to swiftly and effectively mitigate any emergency spill. From liquid chemical hazards to hydraulic oil, fuel, or paint spills, we've got it covered.


At Powerwash, we understand the importance of limiting the environmental impact of such situations. Your peace of mind matters to us, and that's why we guarantee a rapid response, ensuring that your emergency spill is addressed promptly and professionally.

Don't wait; let us handle the cleanup. Contact us today at 0800 We Wash (0800 93 9274)

Your satisfaction and environmental safety are our top priorities.