About Us

I started Powerwash in 2016 after noticing the high cost associated with taking trucks to the truck wash, or the hassle and maintenance costs of having drivers wash in house.

Being from a transport management background I knew fleet owners and management teams had better things to focus on than keeping trucks clean, however I also understand the need to maintain clean equipment, and a well presented brand.
Our aim at Powerwash is to enable fleet owners to keep a clean and well presented fleet image, increase driver productivity through having them completing deliveries instead of washing or waiting in truck wash ques, and to control their annual expenditure on fleet washing with our tailored wash programs.
Environmental compliance is a cornerstone of our business, using the best waste water reclamation practices to ensure environmental compliance.
We also offer the following services, 24/7 rapid response oil spill clean ups, onsite steam cleaning, specialist washing such as acid washing, and heavy machinery cleaning.
As of 2020 we wash over 35,000 trucks annually, serving the greater Auckland and Waikato regions.
Israel McMillan
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